Date: 24/03/2013

By: Steven J. Winn. Eugene, Ore.

Subject: MIA Bracelet.

Around 1970 I was Eight years old and on vacation with my family. We were at the Grand Canyon and had took a helicopter ride into the canyon. The Pilot was an ex - Marine and made quite an impression on this eight year old. I had a fascination with anything military and still do to this day ( I served in the Army a Paratrooper/ 82nd ABN). After the helicopter ride I noticed a table with MIA bracelets on it for sale. I wanted to use my vacation money to buy one after my Dad explained what and why they were for sale. I picked one with the name LCPL Ronald L. Longanecker on it. The reason I picked LCPL Longanecker's was because he was from Oregon, my home state, and LCPL Longanecker went MIA / KIA July of 1966, I was Born July of 1962. As an eight year old I suppose In my own mind I could Identify with this. I have worn this bracelet, off and on for the last 43 years. LCPL Longanecker you are not forgotten!! I was glad to find this web page and also the story of his tragic death in the service of his country.

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